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Catalogue Autumn 2021

(52 Pages) (6.9MB)
School Shelters Autumn Catalogue

Playground Markings Guide

Transform a dull playground into a vibrant learning zone today with our extensive range of markings!

(19 Pages) (78.6MB)

Bespoke Catalogue

Get some inspiration for your school by taking a look at some of our previous custom projects.

(26 Pages) (6.5MB)

Cycle Shelters, Compounds & Storage Catalogue

Our range of stylish Cycle Shelters will ensure your staff and pupils bikes are kept tidy and secure.

(24 Pages) (5.4MB)

Entrance Shelters & Walkways Catalogue

Protect your building’s entrances and walkways with our great range of fit for purpose shelters.

(10 Pages) (2.3MB)

Porches & Canopies Catalogue

Create a great impression of your premises for visitors with our extensive range of porches and canopies.

(4 Pages) (0.9MB)

Shelter with Shutter Catalogue

Explore the different outdoor learning options on offer with our Shelters with Shutters range.

(3 Pages) (0.8MB)

Waiting Shelters Catalogue

Protect your staff, pupils and visitors with our great range of waiting shelters.

(9 Pages) (2.0MB)

Maintenance Guides

Shelters, Walkways and Canopies

Operation and maintenance guides for shelters, walkways and canopies.

(3 Pages) (0.35MB)


Primary Schools Poster

Show children the importance of recycling, placing their milk bottles in the correct bin means they can be turned into a picnic table.

(1 Page) (4.9MB)

Secondary Schools Poster

Encourage your pupils to recycle, saving 3,000 milk bottles from the landfill can be transformed into a picnic table.

(1 Page) (8.5MB)

Knowledge Base

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Unleashing Your School's Potential' Guide

This guide can help maximise and make the most of your school grounds from the benefits of outdoor learning to sharing", 0, 110...


Your Guide To Creating An Eco-Friendly School

NBB School Shelters have designed this guide to inspire you and your school to become more eco and sustainably focused...


NBB Shelters Funding Guide

If you are looking for ways to fund or part fund a canopy, walkway or shelter this guide will help you source organisations who...


NBB Shelters Fundraising Guide

Schools frequently rely on fundraising activities to supplement school budgets. Download our free guide to raising funds for your school - whether it's a...


Cycling To School Guide

Here is your 'Cycle To School' guide from NBB School Shelters to encourage school children to cycle to school, the benefits and what kind of cycle...


Developing a School Travel Plan

NBB Schools guide to School Travel Plans, promote active, safer and more Sustainable travel to school, with the main importance being on reducing the number of children commuting by car...


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