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Cycling To School

How many kids cycle to school? In the UK the average primary school is around a 1.6 mile commute for most pupils, however statistics show that fewer than 3% of pupils aged between five and sixteen use a bike to get to school. We know children in the UK now lag far behind their peers in other nations for active travel, for example 49% of all Dutch primary school children go to and from school by bike. In Denmark’s second city of Odense it is claimed that 81% of pupils go to school by bike, years ... Read more


Make Use Of Your Outside Spaces

The number of pupils within UK schools is at an all-time high and is set to rise by 654,000 (or 8.7%) to round 8.1m by 2026*. This has meant that there is an increasing pressure for schools to find inexpensive ways to create multi-functional spaces within their existing grounds. Other considerations include: The implementation would need to be quick keeping disruption to a minimum The final look should be in keeping with the surrounding areas The structure should be low maintenance and guaranteed ... Read more


Social Area Shelters Perfect For Any Secondary School

Anyone who is familiar with how secondary schools work, will know that getting a fix of fresh air at break and lunch times can do pupils wonders. It allows them to clear their heads, relax and come back in with a brain that is more prepared to learn. However, this can all be defeated by one thing. Bad weather! Installing shelters in your school’s social areas can help overcome this obstacle and ensure that your pupils can get that much needed fresh air every day, regardless of the weather. Here ... Read more


Perfect Parent Waiting Shelter For Primary Schools!

Picking up the kids from school is a job that all parents and guardians will know well, it gives an opportunity for them to chat and socialise with each other while waiting for their children. These are busy periods at primary schools and sometimes they may be kept waiting for some time, this is made worse by bad weather conditions. Parent waiting shelters provide a perfect solution, offering parents/guardians a shelter from the elements all year round! At NBB we offer an extensive range of waiting ... Read more


Why You Should Consider A Walkway For Your School

Not many schools in the UK have the luxury of having all their classrooms and facilities in one building. There are often multiple buildings that are spread across a large site. The movement around a school can chaotic at the best of times, But throw in a heavy downpour, a load of children and a mad dash between buildings. This can all lead to many different problems, from slips and falls to head on collisions.  Providing a covered walkway helps to ensure that the movement around the school ... Read more


Brand New - Playground Markings!

What are Playground Markings? Playground markings are usually comprised of thermoplastic materials that resemble a variety of shapes, colours, words and numbers. They are an incredibly effective way of bringing life and energy to what would be a dull, grey, featureless playground. Why Should Schools Get Playground Markings? Playground markings are not just for show. In a world where technology is slowly taking over the minds of children, playground markings remain one of the cheaper and widely ... Read more


Download Our Brand New Autumn Catalogue Now!

Don't foget to download our brand new autumn catalogue which features the very latest new products across our product portfolio. This includes, shelters, walkways, canopies, outdoor furniture and much more! Go to our download section on today! or click here for your instant copy! Read more


Waiting Shelters - Parent Waiting Shelters

Shelters which have been designed to provide cover for parents have become really popular - so much so, our team are busy installing a host of projects this summer! They provide an attractive focal point to any playground or outdoor space and allow for parents to wait until school has finished and likewise allows parents to interact with other parents. Here at NBB School Shelters, we offer a host of shelters or canopies which can be used as a parent waiting shelter. Whether it's a simple freestanding ... Read more


Schools Out! New Products!

The school bell has rung out for the last time until September, however we thought we'd update you on a couple of brand new products in readiness for September: 100% Recycled Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Dividers The popular NBB Indoor/Outdoor Room Dividers are a great way of creating a specific play or activity area. The dividers are designed from 100% recycled plastic which means they are durable and have a 25 year guarantee against rot, splintering and cracking! The dividers/panels are great ... Read more


Featured Case Study: Ysgol Maes Hyfryd

Ysgol Maes Hyfryd is a school located in Flintshire, they pride themselves on being a happy, vibrant learning community committed to providing relevant high quality educational experiences for all of their students.   The school contacted NBB as they were looking to create a covered area situated in the playground to use as an outside classroom. Our surveyors attended the school to come up with the best solution which complemented with the existing building/area. After some initial changes ... Read more
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