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One of our most popular shelter ranges, the Winterbourne can be customised for almost any application!

Winterbourne Freestanding Shelter

Ideal for use as a walkway, waiting area or outside a classroom

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Winterbourne Cycle Compound

Top of the range and comprehensive cycle compound holds up to 56 cycles safely and securely, whilst also offering complete protection from the elements

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Winterbourne Wall Attached Shelter

Perfect for linking classrooms and learning spaces together, keeping your pupils and learning equipment covered and protected

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Winterbourne Enclosed Shelter

Our freestanding and adaptable shelter provides practical protection across open spaces and varied terrain, keeping your staff, pupils and parents covered

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Winterbourne Shelter with Shutters

Fantastic way to provide an outdoor learning space with this enclosed shelter, which offers functionality as well as optimum security

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Beaminster Waiting Shelter

Heavy duty frame provides reliable and lasting protection from all types of weather, boosting the look of your premises

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Winterbourne Buggy Shelter

Store your buggies and tricycles securely in our NEW Winterbourne Buggy Shelter

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Winterbourne Smoking Shelter

Freestanding smoking shelter using our Winterbourne design

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