Entra-Clean Hygiene+

  • HygienePlus means that the mat is treated with the EU-registered biocide, BI-OME registered with OEKO-TEX and antimicrobial and virus reducing technology BI-OME works by effectively killing bacteria when contact is made with the mat
  • Improves floor level hygiene around your business- important whilst fighting Covid-19 and beyond
  • Fully machine washable with no reduction in active cleaning power for the life of the mat
  • Machine washable mat requires less frequent washing and on lower temperatures
  • Suitable for all many locations including offices, educational establishments, hotels and leisure, retirement homes and healthcare settings
  • Reduces odours caused by bacteria and fungi

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  • Elimination of bacteria
  • Clean on microbial level
  • Reduction of odours
  • Possible reduction of viral activity of enveloped viruses
  • Less frequent wash – less water consumption
  • Energy saving by washing on low temperatures
  • Does not cause skin irritation
  • Free of metals


  • 100% Polyamide material
  • Overall height: 9 mm
  • Washable at 30 degrees
  • Treated with BI-OME which stays active for lifetime of mat
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