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Encourage cycling to school and keep cycles neat and secure with our wide range of cycle shelters

Bloxworth Cycle Shelter

A unique and eye-catching umbrella shaped cycle shelter for the storage of 24 cycles, great for keeping bikes and scooters sheltered from the elements

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Sandford Cycle Shelter

High quality traditional cycle shelter to complement any outside area, available in a range of sizes to house from 6 to 16 cycles

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Lutton Budget Cycle Shelter

Fantastic value shelter that is multi-use and one of our lowest priced shelters. It can be used for many applications such as a waiting, smoking or cycle shelter for up 6 bicycles

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Wareham Cycle Shelter

Reduce cycle thefts and vandalism on your site with this cycle shelter, available in a range of sizes to store up to 24 cycles safely and securely

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Peveril Cycle Shelter

Attractive but simple design shelter is freestanding and can complement existing buildings. Modern cycle shelter can store up to 24 cycles safely and securely

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Kimmeridge Cycle Shelter

One of our best selling versatile cycle shelters that will keep up to 18 cycles safe and secure, as well as protected from the elements

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Holton Cycle Shelter

Steel cured and sturdy in design, the Holton is one of our most cost effective shelters for keeping up to 16 cycles safe and secure

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Dorset Two Tier Bike Shelter

Steel curved shelter specifically designed to house our fantastic Dorset Two Tier Bike Racks

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Kimmeridge Cycle/Scooter Shelter Bundle

Create a designated cycle and scooter area

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Herston Cycle Shelter

Versatile freestanding cycle shelter that can be customised in size to suit your needs, storing and protecting a minimum of 6 (and up to 24) cycles

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Sandford Combi Cycle

Dual purpose freestanding shelter great for maximising use of space, and can comfortably store up to 10 cycles from adverse weather conditions

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Durlston Flat Back Cycle Shelter

Secure your cycles in style with this attractive and practical shelter, a great option for protecting up to 6 bikes

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Durlston Curved Cycle Shelter

Contemporary shelter that offers comprehensive protection from all weathers to shield up to 6 cycles. Can also be used in combination to shelter motorcycles.

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Lutton Budget Scooter Shelter

Create a designated scooter storage area

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